The Blue Springs Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit Monday for an indoor shooting range that will be located at the former All-American Fitness building, 2410 NW South Outer Road in Blue Springs.

The permit approval comes with 12 conditions, such as complying to federal Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards in regard to indoor and outdoor noise levels, lead contamination and indoor ventilation.

Other conditions include on-site supervision at all-times, as well as the design and construction of the project be under the guidance of the most current edition of “The Range Source Book” by the National Rifle Association.

The applicant and owner of the shooting range, T.J. Nigro, wrote that he intends to comply with all of the stipulations.

The approval for the permit was a motion and not a recommendation by the Commission, said Karen Findora, an administrative assistant for Blue Springs Community Development. The permit issue does not need further approval by the City Council, she added.

Nigro previously said that he hopes to open his indoor shooting range by this summer.

Medical plaza in the works

Two proposed medical office buildings had their final design plans approved by the Commission.

The Parkway Medical Plaza will feature two, 10,000-square-foot medical office buildings that will be on 2.44 acres of ground at the northeast corner of Adams Dairy Parkway and Northeast Napoleon Drive.

The Commission unanimously voted to recommend City Council approval.

Capital Improvements Program

A total number of 94 proposed projects are slated over the next six years for the Blue Springs Capital Improvements Program.

A majority of the projects provide maintenance or rehabilitation to Blue Springs sites or infrastructure and equipment replacement. A majority of the projects remain unfunded – in other words, funding has not been identified and staff are seeking funding sources.

For the 2014-15 fiscal year, water utility comprised 84 percent of the entire proposed fund allocation. Tri-County Water Authority upgrades are now being proposed for funding. The project was previously listed as an “unfunded” project in the 2013-19 CIP budget. This project allows the city to increase water supplied by the authority to help stabilize the city’s cost for water in the future, according to city notes. It is also the most significant project for this year’s CIP budget from a dollar standpoint: $21 million.

Other funded projects in FY 2014-15 include the Community Development Block Grant Program, street rehabilitation program, a snow plow/dump truck, sidewalk repair and maintenance and citywide maintenance on its sanitary sewer system.

Some proposed and unfunded new projects for the upcoming fiscal year include an additional snow plow/dump truck, a street department sign truck that will service city traffic lights, signals and signs, construction of a three-lane road from the end of Napoleon Drive to R.D. Mize Road and a storm water master plan, which will provide a document of goals reducing flood dangers and improving water quality.

The total budget for the projects in the six year period is approximately $178.7 million.

Blue Springs City Council will consider adopting the 2014-15 and 2016-20 capital improvements program on May 19.