Rachel Losch

student, William Chrisman High School

To the editor:

When I first heard the news that Coach Thompson wouldn’t be a part of the Lady Bear family anymore, I was in complete shock. Coach Thompson is the Mama Bear, leader of the pack, a true best friend. She taught us the meaning of being a family.

Never once did I feel not accepted. She took every single one of us players under her wing, guiding us in the right direction. If you needed help on something, she was there. If you needed advice about what you should do, she was there. If you wanted to be accepted into a group, she was there with open arms. It’s hard for me to understand why such an amazing coach like her has to leave us Bears.

She has proven that she could change a program from winning only four games to winning district championships or conference championships. She is the only coach in Chrisman who has put numbers up on our banner recently and has been proud of all the teams she has ever coached. I have never seen a coach be so passionate for what she does. She spends hours on end trying everything in her power to make this team better. Never have I had a coach who studies the game every single day, trying to see what she could improve on.

I remember my freshman year, being this small, young player playing on the varsity level. She helped me get comfortable and not be so nervous out on the court. There may have been tears that were shed, but it made me the strong person that I am today. My freshman year we won the conference championship, and we played in the championship for district against Kearney. When we lost, I was devastated. I didn’t want basketball season to ever end. I never do each year. It’s an amazing feeling, being a part of this team, and Coach Thompson is the reason behind that.

This just isn’t fair, considering that last year my volleyball coach couldn’t be my coach anymore, either. Never once did I think that Coach Thompson wouldn’t be a part of this team. She is the one who gave me confidence to do whatever I wish to do, and she makes me want to be the best I can be at everything I put my mind to. I have gained leadership skills, confidence and all-around just being a better person from her being my coach.

Next year is my senior year, and I was looking forward to basketball season with all my girls and with my coaches. But next year, when I walk into the familiar school but not with familiar faces, it scares me. I thought I could count on her being around me until my senior year. I don’t want to believe that she won’t be there next year when basketball season comes around. Basketball season without Coach Thompson won’t be the same whatsoever.

The Chrisman girls’ basketball team is defined as “Teamstrong.” There would not be a Teamstrong without Coach Thompson.