Absolutely disgusting! That’s my opinion of the parties involved in the Fort Osage School District who have allowed a book laced with filth, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” to be read in an eighth grade class. Shame on all of you, especially school administrators! In another era you people would have lost your positions.

It’s about an American Indian boy who overcomes obstacles to make something of himself. Sounds good, other than the 13 profanity words, 22 sexual phrases and a particularly vulgar racial comment. That comment alone would normally get kids expelled if they said it. I’m not a prude, but the phrases are appalling and definitely not suitable for 13-year-old children in a classroom. Other books with equally good motivational stories could have been chosen without the gratuitous filth that benefits no one.

I understand it’s in the seventh and eighth grade and high school libraries also. It’s not censorship to remove it. It’s responsible adult supervision regarding young people’s minds. They need good moral guidelines, structure and discipline. They may rebel but will ultimately appreciate and respect those who provided it. I sure did.

You hear that kids nowadays use such language in school halls and everywhere else, but not all do or like it. They learn it at school, whether in the classroom or the locker room, and from their parents, who learned it at school. Many parents set bad examples and let their kids do whatever. It’s sad more parents didn’t complain about this book. It was actually in the classroom last year. It’s shameful so many parents aren’t involved in their kids’ schools unless it’s the incessant sports activities that monopolize family time. Too many conservative, Christian parents have been passive, uninvolved and allowed bad practices to take place.

School taxes are never-ending. My spouse and I have had to pay many, many thousands of school tax dollars over many decades but don’t approve of a lot that goes on in the agenda-driven, social-engineering, indoctrination institution called public education. There are many individual excellent teachers and accountable administrators, though. Parents, students, teachers, administrators and school board members across our country who support traditional values are often ridiculed and even lose their jobs. In “my day” kids were taught the difference between right and wrong. Often now, it’s what do they think about right and wrong, which appears to be part of the Common Core concept.

This agenda is being accelerated by the Obama administration, many states and school districts and is funded and promoted by foundations headed by well-known multi-billionaires. One purpose is to eventually hire, train and mold the very cream of the crop students into their world view. The masses of average students’ expectations could very well be lowered. There are already enough high school graduates who can barely read or count. Common Core is also designed to extract students’ and their families’ personal information and train them for jobs the schools and government determine they would be good at, rather than what the students want to do. That’s communism.

Alarmingly, many brainwashed people agree with this. Diplomas would eventually be replaced with certificates, which wouldn’t be issued to home school, Christian and parochial students, making it much harder for them to get jobs.

Politicians extol public financing of “quality education.” Unfortunately this can include teaching distorted views of history, and science classes that may brainwash students into believing the fallacy of manmade global warming. It may mean teaching that homosexuality is normal (it’s not), that Americans are bad and we’re supposed to be tolerant of the religion that wants to eliminate Americans, the infidels. But teachers are restricted in what they can teach about Jesus. Even though He created this earth and everything on it including the raw materials for bricks and mortar schools are built from; the trees books are made from; metals for cars and school buses and petroleum to power them; rubber for soccer balls and playground equipment; animals and plants life used for cafeteria food; cotton for blue jeans and on and on. Nope, can’t teach that.

The Big Bang theory atheists would sue for teaching these truths. God isn’t welcome in school. We Christians should pray harder for our nation’s young people’s minds, souls, and for protection from the deadly intentions of Godless, overmedicated kids who don’t fit in their kids popularity hierarchies.

Parents, grandparents and taxpayers – it’s time to get informed, involved and know what goes on in our public schools.

B. Perry lives in Independence.