A month ago, I decided to write my column about mothers after Mother’s Day. I enjoy this special holiday more than my own birthday.

Something about papier-mâché flowers, breakfast in bed, and homemade cards have always made the best Mother’s Day for me.

I am in Idaho and Utah on Mother’s Day this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent the day with Ashley and Jared and their families.

Since all of my grandchildren live at least a thousand miles away, I try to visit them once a year.

Anyway, I have had the most enjoyable time. I love little people, especially when they are my own.

I arrived in Utah last Thursday at 11 p.m. Jared picked me up and drove me to his house. I spent one night at Jared’s and the next day we drove to Idaho. I was able to visit with seven of my 13 grandchildren.

On Saturday, my grandson Cade was baptized. It was a very special time, witnessing his baptism, and shifting, one grandchild to another, on and off my lap.

Anyway, we were one happy family, all 12 of us together enjoying two birthday parties – for Carter and Fiona – and a baptism.

Fiona’s mom, my daughter-in-law Emily, is extremely artistic. Her talent goes beyond anything I have seen. Fi wanted a “Frozen” birthday and Emily created an extreme party.

We had snowflakes and purple and blue balloons, on fishing wire, hanging across the backyard. Emily had a friend make the most incredible cake with a glass castle on the top. Never have I seen anything like this.

From the Jello, to the cups, napkins, goodie bags, snowmen . . . you name it, we had ‘Frozen’ everywhere. Fi enjoyed a royal Elsa, Anna, Olaf birthday.

The next day, was Mother’s Day, with breakfast in bed, church and another huge meal following the service.

Well, if three birthdays and Mothers Day were not enough, Ashley’s birthday is this week. I will spend the first birthday with my daughter in 15 years.

I’d like to share one last tidbit of news with you.

Last week, while at Jared’s, Ashley called to ask me if I was sitting down.

I said yes and asked if she was having a baby, a normal response for me when they ask if I am sitting down.

She mentioned that she was driving the boys to school, which she rarely does, and she turned the radio on, which she rarely does.

The boys heard the radio announcer state that the Day Spa Grand Prize winner, who was selected from thousands of their Mother’s Day entries was . . .

Are you ready?

“Diane Mack!!”

My grandsons cheered, “Mom, is that grandma?” Ashley shrieked, “Yes,” as she nearly wrecked the car.

I don’t know that I have ever won a contest but I did this time.

As the recipient of this wonderful Mother’s Day package, I will celebrate Ashley’s birthday with Ashley and a day of massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, and a $100 gift certificate to an incredible restaurant.

To all of my children, and the state of Idaho, I thank you for one incredible Mother’s Day.

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at jacksoncountyfamilyweek@yahoo.com  or visit www.jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org .