On May 10, we ran a guest column by B. Perry regarding a book, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” that is being used at the middle school level in the Fort Osage School District and other schools across the country.

Perry and others are offended by language in the book, and she referenced a specific phrase by replacing letters with asterisks. The original language was still obvious. In the editing process, the “cleaned up” language was removed, and that is in keeping with our practice of not publishing vulgarisms or pergoratives.

The writer, however, points out the obvious irony here. We don’t want those words to appear in our newspaper, even in cleaned up fashion. But they do appear in their original form in a middle school library book. That’s what has her upset; that and our handling of her column. We understand, but we abide by our policy. And we welcome your thoughts.