James A. Everett


To the editor:

I thought everyone in my extended family was fully aware that, at least in most Christian religions, Christ’s love pretty well outlaws much of the ignorant prejudice against homosexuals. I was wrong. How about your family?

Perhaps the most important question is whether homosexuality is a choice? Some things in life are not by choice, such as eye color, fingerprints, and left- or right-handedness. More and more professionals contend that is how it is with our feelings of sexual attraction. No one knows for sure, but like so many human traits, we don’t know all the answers. However, we do know that behaving heterosexually will not make a gay person’s feelings of same-gender attraction go away. The same can be said concerning prayer and conversion programs.

It should also be noted that many very straight young people usually go through a short period of time when curiosity about their own gender is entirely natural. It should also be noted that homosexual persons are not more predisposed than heterosexuals to molesting others. There is no such thing as a “gay lifestyle.” All people, regardless of their sexual orientation, live in different ways. There are no definitive percentages of gays or lesbians, but a basic rule of thumb seems to indicate around 3 percent of men and about half that number of women.

Straight people have a wide range of attitudes toward homosexuals, including verbal or physical harassment. Good information on this topic is readily available at www.glsen.org. Good parents teach their children that it is quite all right for them to feel free to discuss these issues.

Many gay and lesbian people are slow to “come out of the closet” not because they are devious, but they fear being ostracized, risk losing a job, not being accepted, etc.

Many gay and lesbian couples, like heterosexuals, have a keen desire to be parents – and when they do, they certainly compare well in every way with the larger community. This is why in a growing number of states, adoption is open to homosexuals.

These are just a few of the facts concerning homosexuality of which educated and intelligent people should be aware.