Khalil and Carlos Davis made such an impact as junior defensive tackles on the Class 6 state championship Blue Springs High School football team that they have made verbal commitments to attend the University of Nebraska.

And they are making an even bigger splash during the track and field season as they have dominated the shot put and discus in Eastern Jackson County and the region. At last week’s sectional meet, Khalil won the discus with Carlos finishing second. Carlos then finished second in the shot with Khalil finishing third.

“What’s so scary about the Davis twins is that they have just scratched the surface in the throwing events,” Blue Springs coach Joe Cusack said. “They are so darned competitive, and that’s one thing that makes them great throwers. I bet they get up in the morning, pour milk on their Cheerios and race to see who can eat his bowl of cereal the quickest.”

Before they boarded the bus to head to Jefferson City for this weekend’s Missouri State High School Track and Field Championship, they gave some candid answers in this week’s Q&A.

Q: How competitive are you guys?

K: Very, very competitive. Actually, I think that’s what makes us such good athletes. We want to win so badly, and we don’t care who we have to beat, even if it’s each other – well, if it’s each other in track. We just beat up on opponents in football.

C: We are so competitive, and it goes beyond sports. It really involves anything in our lives. We’ll be in our driveway casting our fishing poles and we want to see who can cast the farthest. We want to brag as much about casting our fishing pole and we do competing in the shot put and discus. Coach Cusack says we’re competitive when we eat cereal – and we are!

Q: You are two of the most prized high school athletes in the nation. You have verbally committed to attend the University of Nebraska. What has the recruiting process been like?

K: At first, it was fun and exciting. It was like, “Who’s recruiting us today?” But after three or four weeks, it wasn’t fun and exciting. You just want to turn your phone off because you are tired of all the calls and text messages. We’re going to Nebraska – but we’re still getting calls from other colleges.

C: I agree with Khalil. At first, it was fun. You want to feel wanted and we were getting letters, calls, text messages from all over the country. We always wanted to go to Nebraska, and when Nebraska showed an interest and Coach (Bo) Pelini came down to visit us, that was it. Nebraska all the way. But the text messages and letters are still coming.

Q: Why Nebraska?

K: We grew up following Nebraska, and it was the only program we knew anything about. When we visited, that was it. What a feeling, seeing all that red. They get great support from the community and are a great program, just like our football program at Blue Springs.

C: We also wanted to keep it in the family. Our uncle, Lorenzo Hicks, went to Nebraska. That’s why Nebraska was always our favorite. We’d been to camps. We went into a Wal-Mart with him and everyone in there recognized him and wanted to talk with him and he hasn’t played (since 1988).

Q: You two are like the Pied Piper at Blue Springs High School. As you walk down the hallways, you are always smiling, always talking to students and always surrounded by a lot of kids. Why?

K: At an early age, our parents told us that it was important to be friends with everyone. No one wants to be around someone who isn’t friendly. We don’t have an enemy – we really don’t. We love to talk with kids and hang out with our friends. We do a lot of talking between classes – but we make sure to always get to class on time.

C: Our parents told us that we needed to be friendly and never get big heads about anything. And we’ve listened well. You might see us hanging out with track kids or our football teammates or kids from the band or kids from our classes. We enjoy every minute of life.

Q: You’re 17 years old, you have been part of two state championship football teams and the Wildcats are favored to win state track this weekend in Jefferson City. How do you sleep at night with all the opportunities that await you in the future?

C: That’s easy. We are competitive, we want to be the best we can be, but we’re also teenagers with great parents, friends, teammates and coaches. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happens, but I don’t lose any sleep wondering about the future. The future is exciting, but so is today.

K: I think we’ve enjoyed so much success because we have a great work ethic and the best coaches in the country. Our football and track coaches are great, and they are great men, too. Carlos and I love to have fun, but we know when to be serious and when to get down to business. I’m having so much fun now that I don’t really think that much about the future. But when I think about next year, I think about winning another football championship, and I hope we win state this weekend so I can think about a second championship in track.

– Bill Althaus