People had romantic notions of war, with colorful flags, spiked helmets, flashing sabers and adventure. “Over By Christmas: August-December 1914” examines these romantic notions of war that collide with the harsh realities of war.

All objects and documents featured in this exhibition are from the extensive collection of the Museum. The majority of items have not been displayed before, with several recently acquired for this special exhibition, giving new and repeat visitors a fresh viewpoint on the critical first months of the war.

The exhibition showcases objects that represent different aspects of the war including:

n 1914 Prussian flag

n Bronze medallions honoring events or individuals from the war.

n Lithograph print by French artist George Scott.

n French colonial zouave infantry uniform.

n The Silver Bullet or The Road to Berlin game.

n Brass and glass porthole from the S.M.S. Cormoran.

n German cigar box for Christmas 1914 with portraits of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Franz Joseph.

n Belgian grenadier's dark blue wool coat.

The exhibition, located in Exhibit Hall and free with admission to the Museum, runs through March 2015.