Open Letter to Pope Francis – I’ve been studying your May 9 statement to the U.N. Frankly, I’m puzzled by the whole thing, however, the phrase that has received the most attention is your plea for the “legitimate redistribution of wealth.”

Let’s look at each word. Legitimate is a qualifier for something artificially contrived for purposes of regulation. Redistribution means to take from one who has more for allegedly giving to one who has less; right out of the Communist Manifesto. Wealth, this word is a little trickier. From your statement, it is most likely to be perceived as referring to the world’s money system based on debt.

But I submit that man’s only real wealth is his God-given natural rights, primarily free will and all that flows from it. This wealth cannot be redistributed, but it can be abrogated. If you want “the poorest and the most excluded” to have more, you have but to implore the U.N. to eliminate the artificial regulations that nullify man’s natural right to be free.

JS Morris