WHO: Fort Osage Board of Education meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, June 10

MEETING HIGHLIGHT: All Fort Osage district administrators will participate in an active shooter training session with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office June 19.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Administrators will be involved in a live simulation of an active shooter scenario at Osage Trail Middle School from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 19. This initial training will serve as the basis to later form a district-wide plan with all Fort Osage staff in case of an event involving an active shooter, said Public Relations Director Stephanie Smith. She added the support staff attending the training will be learning about the “Run, Hide, Fight” method. “Our focus will be on how staff and administrators can prepare for and react to an active shooter in addition to what to expect when law enforcement arrives,” wrote Jackson County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Ronda Montgomery. “Children will not be present.” Under the Missouri Revised Statutes, all school personnel shall participate in a simulated active shooter and intruder drill conducted and led by local law enforcement.

OTHER TOPICS OF NOTE: Fort Osage Superintendent Mark Enderle reported there were 275,900 signatures filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office – more than 100,000 more than needed – to place a teacher tenure elimination initiative on the November 2014 ballot. According to Teach Great’s website, a Missouri coalition organized to update and modernize educator evaluations, tenure and seniority-based layoffs, it received the largest number of voter signatures in the history of Missouri ballot-initiative process. If the initiative is passed, Teach Great wrote it would improve students’ success rates and reward great teachers by evaluating educators based on using quantifiable student performance data. Also, it would require teachers to enter into contracts of three years or fewer with Missouri public school districts. Independence Superintendent Dale Herl mentioned that tenure is not a “lifetime contract,” but a “guarantee of due process rights if a situation should arise (involving a teacher).” ... Fort Osage teacher salaries will be raised 2 percent to each cell on the district’s salary schedule, along with the continuation of fully paid board health insurance and vertical and horizontal movement on the pay ladder. Enderle thought it was “very fair and supportive,” according to Smith, and the district will roll the proposal into the June 25 budget meeting. Also, the salary proposal included changing the staff paid holiday from the current Presidents Day to New Year’s Day in order free up the school calendar to be used as a snow make-up day.