The Great Plains SPCA, in celebration of its three-year anniversary, is offering discounted adoptions for only $30 through Sunday, June 15. The special is good at both the Independence and Merriam, Kan., adoption centers.

The following animals are available for adoption at the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78. Call 621-7722 or visit If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.


Nola, female Boxer mix, 13 years.

Daisy, female Boxer mix, 11 years.

Xavier, male Shetland Sheepdog/Maltese , 10 years.

Romeo, male Pit Bull, 8 years.

Sadie, female Alaskan Husky mix, 7 years.

Bennie Joon, female Cairn Terrier mix, 6 years.

Tank, male Chow mix, 5 years.

Nanny McPhee, female Maltese mix, 4 years.

Dumpling, male Australian Kelpie mix, 3 years.

Izzy, female shepherd/retriever mix, 2 years.

Goldie, female Golden Retriever mix, 2 years.


Suzy, female, gray/orange, 12 years.

Pooter, male, black, 12 years.

Blackie, female, black, 10 years.

Buttercup, female, white/brown, 10 years.

Derosa, female, gray/orange, 5 years.

Abernathy, female, black, 4 years.

Hypnos, male, orange/white, 3 years.

Fluffle Puff, female, black/gray, 2 years.

Muffins, female, orange/white, 1 year.

Tyler, Boss, Clay, males, black/white, under 6 months.

Gibson, male, Starling, female, gray, 3 months.

There are 84 dogs and puppies, and 116 cats and kittens available for adoption.