Nineteen student-cadets from the Van Horn High School Army JROTC program recently returned to Independence after completing a grueling and intense week long summer training camp experience. The camp is a part of the Junior ROTC Cadet Leadership Camp organized and resourced by U.S. Army Cadet Command and conducted at the facilities of Wentworth Military Academy and Junior College in Lexington.

This summer's Camp brought together nearly 450 high school cadets from various JROTC detachments from across the 37 Army JROTC programs in Missouri. Cadets from different high schools are mixed and assigned to blended small group units-forcing cadets to work together with unfamiliar co-workers in demanding and unfamiliar circumstances and situations designed to motivate team building and cooperative learning. The Van Horn cadets were assigned to Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon along with cadets from Nixa High School.

The Army JROTC program is a citizenship education program for high school students; it is a cooperative and cost-shared education program between the U.S. Army Cadet Command and local school districts. Army JROTC is offered locally only at Van Horn High School in the Independence School District and is a hands on, student-cadet centered, cadet led, intensive citizenship education program and personal development experience.

During graduation day parade on day six, Van Horn Cadet Tamara Carroll was recognized for having earned an individual Physical Fitness award for outstanding performance on the Cadet Challenge Physical Fitness test. At the parade it was also announced which training platoon was designated “Best by Test” as a result of the platoon competition, and the announcement proved to be additional good news for the men and women from Van Horn as Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon, which earned “Best by Test” honors.

Cadets attending “summer camp” from the Army JROTC program at Van Horn High School were: Cadet Jacob Burch, Cadet Tamera Carroll, Cadet Jennifer Dominguez, Cadet Tim Fenton, Cadet Blair Fink, Cadet Haley Godfrey, Cadet Joshua Igou, Cadet Jesse Kennedy, Cadet Anthony Krantz, Cadet Zeb Lityma, Cadet AjaLeigh Marshall, Cadet Garrett Maurice, Cadet Richard McDonald, Cadet Jose Medina-Jacquez, Cadet Raquel Merino-Hill, Cadet Logan Putthoff, Cadet Joshua Quarles, Cadet Keyauno Roberts and Cadet Destany Williamson.

Volunteer chaperone attending and supporting the cadets of Van Horn HS at JCLC was Ms. Netty Doyle, in addition to the JROTC instructor cadre from Van Horn High School; First Sergeant-Retired Allen Roberson and Lt. Colonel-Retired Michael Byrd.