A $50,000 grand piano arrived June 4 and now enlivens the Meditation Chapel in the Community of Christ Temple. The piano is a six-foot grand piano with a glossy black finish and deep orange interior. The instrument was built by the German piano maker, Schimmel.

The piano was donated in loving memory of the late Jana Starr Paris. Her husband Myron Paris initially purchased the piano to fulfill Jana’s long-held dream of having a Schimmel concert grand. Jana, a passionate piano teacher and guitarist, played the piano for a couple years before debilitating Alzheimer’s set in. She passed away Aug. 24, 2013.

“The highest calling of any instrument is to enable an encounter with the divine,” said Principal Organist Jan Kraybill, “It is wonderful that the Paris family have chosen to continue her memory in this way.” Daughter Jill Brown Paris responded, “It’s what she would have wanted.”

The Meditation Chapel is a circular room with a large window overlooking a Japanese garden. It is used for approximately 50 worship services a year by conferences, leadership gatherings, staff, and visiting groups.