I would like to know why the temporary Postal Carriers of the United States Post Office are not required to wear the normal Postal Carrier uniforms when delivering the mail. When my regular mail delivery person is either on vacation or transferred to a different route or local, the replacement just gets to wear anything he or she wants to wear. This includes their everyday clothes to shorts, shirts and pants with no identifying patches or anything other than the mail bag they are carrying.

When I called my local Post Office supervisor, I received the explanation that either "They (the carriers) do not have money to purchase the required uniforms" or "They are not required to purchase the required uniforms because they are not really considered 'carriers'!" Bull hockey! I worked for 27 years for my local city and I was required to purchase the proper uniform(s) or else!

How can a Postal Carrier not in uniform be recognized as a carrier if they are not wearing the proper and required clothing or uniform? I know I am not the only one is feels this way.

Donald Hessenflow