Roland Tidmore, postmaster


To the editor:

In response to a letter to the editor last Saturday (“Post office temps are out of uniform”) on U.S. Postal Service mail carriers delivering mail while not in uniform, please note we take seriously the concerns of American public for professional, recognizable carriers in service in Missouri and around the nation.

City carrier assistants, our non-career part-time employees, do not earn a uniform allowance in their first 120 calendar days of duty. After that period, authorized payments for uniform wear are provided, supporting the carrier’s needs for winter or rainwear, footwear and other uniform elements. These items are provided by authorized dealers and are assembled solely in the USA, using American-made materials, as per our contracted bargaining agreements.

However, we do appreciate the security concern that citizens may have when an unknown person approaches their mailboxes or households. Therefore, it is postal policy for our new city carrier assistants to display an identifiable logo visible to customers. As the writer notes, an official postal mailbag and a visible USPS identification badge.

If you have questions about the identity of a person who represents the Postal Service, we encourage you to ask for that badge or to call your local post office for clarification. Your safety and security are important to us.