The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Exhibition, “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda”, will be at on display at the National Archives at Kansas City through Oct. 25.

The Nazi Party developed a sophisticated propaganda machine that deftly spread lies about its political opponents, Jews, and the need to justify war. But Nazi propaganda was much more complex than that. For the Nazis to achieve power and pursue their racial policies and expansionist war efforts, a much more nuanced picture had to be painted, one that would appeal to broad swaths of the population, not just a fanatical extreme.

Featuring rarely seen artifacts, this exhibit draws visitors into a rich multimedia environment vividly illustrating the insidious allure of much of Nazi propaganda. The exhibition reveals how shortly after World War I, the Nazi Party began to transform itself from an obscure, extremist group into the largest political party in democratic Germany. Hitler personally adapted the ancient symbol of the swastika and the emotive colors of red, black, and white to create the movement's flag. In doing so, he established a potent visual identity that has branded the Nazi Party ever since.

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