Pittsburg State


Area residents who were named to the spring 2014 honor roll list at Pittsburg State University, in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Blue Springs - Eric Rothmier; Keeston Terry

Grain Valley - Scott Martin II; Joshua Lowe

Independence - Djavan Hairabedian; Michael Griffin

Rochester Institute

of Technology

History Estill-Varner of Independence made the dean’s list for the spring 2013-14 semester at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Estill-Varner is in the ASL-English interpretation program in RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible for the dean’s list if their quarterly grade point average is greater than or equal to 3.400; they do not have any grades of “incomplete,” “D” or “F”; and they have registered for, or completed, at least 12 credit hours.

Rochester Institute of Technology is located in Rochester, New York.

Missouri S&T

Area students who made the Missouri University of Science and Technology 2014 spring semester honor list. Missouri S&T is located in Rolla.

Blue Springs - Derek Robert Allen; Derek Murphy Allen; Joshua Breedllove; Tiradej B. Bunyarattaphantu; Melissa Cambre; Kevin Lewis Clark; Andrea Marie Davis; Chauncey Mitchell Depew; Wilson Langham Gaschler; Michael Garrett Hooper; Dalton R. Linnenbringer; Spencer Grey Norman; Justin O’Brien; Tabre S. Oliver; Madeline Clare Rembold; Kelsey Marie Salzman; Kevin Fernando Shireman; Carl Marting Slagle; Elise Swanson; Holly Terese Tarvin; Neal Bradford Thomas; Chance Walker; Spenser Thomas Webb; Nathaniel Willis; Michael James Winner

Independence - Katherine Ann Bartels; Justin K. Brown; Luke Patrick Deacy; Joshua Daniel Gorman; Jason Albert Gruner; Derek Ryan Guenther; Thomas Ryan Harris; Daniel Kirk Jeffress; Desirae Lunn Lavatai; Darius Vincent Mann; Misha Marrie Miller-Gilmore; Andrew Robert Parks; Thomas Pershing Roustio; Timothy Alexander Schaefer; Stephanie Renee Soendker; Kyle Andrew Teevan.


Northwest Missouri

State University

Area residents who were among the spring 2014 graduates at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.

Blue Springs - Michael Earl Evans, B.A. in English; Jason Christopher Fischer, B.S. in business management; Lauren Elizabeth Fouts, B.S. in child and family studies; Rachel Lee Head, B.S. in psychology/sociology; Casey C. Howell, B.S. Ed. in physical education; Shelby Rae Littrell, B.S. Ed. in physical education; Dana Michelle Masters, B.A. in theatre and psychology/sociology; Donte’ Arnell Moore, B.S. in marketing; Jacob Brett Peace, B.A. in psychology/sociology; Jacob Anthony Scarbo, B.S. in business management and marketing; Jillian Cathleen Smith, B.S. in public relations

Grain Valley - James W. Myers, Ed. Spec., superintendent; Kylie Marie Niichel, B.S. in public relations

Independence - Brittney Nicole Ahring, B.S. in psychology/sociology; Kiersten Elizabeth Bailey, B.S. in biology with zoology emphasis; Kelsey Ann Bowers, B.S. Ed. in speech/theatre education; Rachael Anne Frazee, M.S. Ed. in reading; Zach Scott Gouldsmith, B.S. in public relations; Natalie Rochelle Lyons, Ed. Spec., principal-elementary; Rachel Ellen Maday, B.S. Ed. in instrumental music education/non-piano; Joseph L. Michael, B.S. in business management; Ashton Leslie Nibert, B.S. in pre-professional zoology; Stacey Yasuka Portillo, M.S. Ed. in teahing english language learners; Cattie-Bree Skye Price, B.S. Ed. in English education; Jovon Deamon Pulford, B.A. in theatre; Cristil Ann Rogers, Ed. Spec., principal-elementary; Spencer Todd Shultz, B.S. in broadcasting; Lindsay Marie Stapley, B.S. in psychology and comprehensive crisis response; Lindsey Ann Steele, MBA; Ceaser M. Williams, B.S. in journalism; Tyler Lee Cox, B.S. in biology/psychology and pre-professional zoology

UMass Lowell

Lynn Berry of Blue Springs was among 3,478 graduates who were presented with diplomas at University of Massachusetts Lowell’s 2014 commencement exercise May 17. Berry received a master’s degree in criminal justice from the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

UMass Lowell is located in Lowell, Massachusetts.



Area students graduate from Graceland University. The 117th Annual Commencement Convocation was held May 18 in Lamoni, Iowa.

Independence - Gareth Agnew, B.S. in nursing; Ryan Anderson, master of education; Charlie Baldwin, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Lina Barriga Barrera, Cum Laude with a B.A.; Bethany Bayne, Cum Laude with a B.A.; David Beggs, master of education; Rachel Beggs, B.S. in nursing; Sabrina Brazeal, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Steffany Brockman, master of science in nursing; Jordan Byrd, B.A.; Chante’ Campbell, Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in nursing; Christopher Chambers, Magna Cum Laude with a B.S.; Pamela Collins, B.A.; Karen Connelly, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Amanda Curtis, B.A.; Amber Dalton, B.S. in nursing; Christa Edwards, master of education; Emily Gray, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Elizabeth Green, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Emily Hein, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Moriah Jones, B.A.; Nathanial Martin, B.A.; Claire McClain, B.A.; Bailey McCray, B.A.; Mino Moezzi, B.A.; Falopn Morales, B.S. in nursing; Lauren Morgan, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Jennifer Parsons, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Jennifer Penniston, Summa Cuma Laude with a B.A.; Kayla Roberson, B.A.; Jordan Salazar, Magna Cum Laude with a B.S.; Nequila Schulenberg, Cum Laude with a B.A.; Deanna Snider, Cum Laude with a B.A.; Lacey Stivers, Magna Cum Laude with a B.A.; Dennis Tharp, B.A.; Mary Turner, Magna Cum Laude with a B.A.; Benjamin Vinck, Magna Cum Laude with a B.A.;

Blue Springs - Kellie Calton, master of education; Deborah Chaney, master of education; Nathaniel Cochran, B.A.; Cristen Conrad, B.S. in nursing; Jessica Fries, Magna Cum Laude with a B.A.; Jessica Hoff, Summa Cum Laude with a B.A.; Jonte-Tehani Ioane, Cum Laude with a B.A.; Michaela Lloyd, master of education; Tyler Lysinger, B.A.; Brandy McCauslin, B.S. in nursing; Casey Paris, M.S. in nursing; Jana Sloan, master of education; Adriana Stranak, master of education; Ariana Vistine, Cum Laude with a B.S. in nursing; Caitlin Watkins, B.S. in nursing; Rachelle Yeager, B.A.

Missouri S&T

Area residents who received degrees from Missouri University of Science and Technology during commencement ceremonies May 16.

Blue Springs - Derek Murphy Anderson, B.S. in physics; Jared James Barnes, B.S. in computer engineering; Brian B. Barnes, B.S. in electrical engineering; Kevin Lewis Clark, B.S. in chemistry; Cody Thomas Gieseke, B.S. in electrical engineering; Justin O’Brien, B.S. in computer science; Madeline Clare Rembold, B.S. in metallurgical engineerning; Kelsey Marie Salzman, B.S. in nuclear engineering; Leslie Elyse Thornburg, B.S. in environmental engineering; Eric J. Williams, B.S. in engineering management; Michael James Winner, B.S. in mechanical engineering;

Independence - Derek Ryan Guenther, B.S. in ceramic engineering; Christopher James Painter, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Daniel Penn, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Abagail Katharine Williams, B.S. in chemistry

– Brandon Dumsky