A+ Scholarships

available for

DACA students

The Missouri Department of Higher Education has determined that students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals meet the lawful presence requirement, and are now eligible for the A+ Scholarship.

The scholarship provides funds to high school graduates - who maintained statisfactory academic progess, have outstanding attendance records and perform hours of unpaid tutoring - to attend participating colleges and technical schools.

Immigration Professionals, a non-profit immigration law firm based out of Lawrence, Kansas, wrote in a release that just last year Missouri public universities opened their doors to undocumented students with DACA status. But it was unclear if these students would also qualify for A+ Scholarships. DACA status students, who were eligible for the A+ program, couldn’t benefit from it as there was no clear guidance on its application regarding the “lawful presence” requirement.

After months of consideration, MDHE concluded that students presenting federally-issued documentation show DACA status confirm this requirement.

To find out more about A+ eligibility, students can contact their high school A+ coordinator and the financial aid office of their chosen college.

Students attend

MU summer


Students from Eastern Jackson County, who are among Missouri’s most talented high school students, recently attended the Missouri Scholars Academy at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

MSA began in 1985 and provides students opportunities to expand their educational and social skills. This year, students spent their time at Mizzou in intensive classroom settings, studying one of four individually selected subject that include mathematics, science, social studies and humanities. Each Missouri high school nominated one junior-to-be, while larger schools could nominate more students.

Outside the classroom, students were engaged in a series of activities, workshops and discussions. Students learned from experts in the fields of aeronautical engineering, global warming and autism.

Local students who attended MSA:

Blue Springs High School - Ethan Ashu, Mackenna Kemp, Christina Pollard.

Blue Springs South High School - Daniela De La Chica Delgado, Bailey Righi.

Grain Valley High School - Cody Grashner, Lauren Kennon.

Truman High School - Jasmine Clevenger, Eli Freeman, Ian Harmon.

William Chrisman High School - Samantha Chance, Dustin Hengel.

– Brandon Dumsky