A Wendy’s restaurant employee said he and his co-worker didn’t think of their safety when they jumped in to halt an alleged rape in a northwest Independence park Saturday evening.

Bryan K. Raines, 40, is in custody on a $500,000 bond and faces charges of first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy stemming from the incident at Brady Park next to the Wendy’s at U.S. 24 and River Boulevard, according to the Jackson County prosecutor’s office.

According to the witnesses, the rape victim suffered what police termed “severe trauma” to her face and was beaten so badly that her eyes were swollen shut.

John Quinn, 20, a Wendy’s employee, said he and his co-worker and friend, Robert McDaniel, just reacted when they realized what was being done to the victim.

“There was no fear. ... We just saw what was going on, saw her and that her face was badly beaten,” Quinn said.

“... It could have been a lot worse if we weren’t there. I just don’t have any tolerance for anything like that.”

Independence police say the attack happened about 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Brady Park, which is just off the southeast corner of the Wendy’s property, near the restaurant’s trash bins. Quinn said he walked out to take out the trash and take a cigarette break and noticed McDaniel yelling at a man down in the field at Brady Park.

“I came back out and he was standing over there on that wall yelling at someone. I just thought it was a drunk man or something like that,” Quinn said. “I got to where my car is (pointing to a spot near Brady Park) and realized he’s arguing with a dude that’s actually naked. And I then I saw the lady sitting in the field and realized she was beat up, and realized what was actually going on.”

Quinn said that McDaniel was trying to lure Raines away from the victim.

“Robbie told him not to go back towards her and arguing with him, telling him to come up here and do me like that. Fight me, I’m a man, come fight me. He wouldn’t and was talking smack or whatever,” Quinn said. “Robbie was like, ‘Don’t go back towards her or I’m going to come down there,’ and he went over there towards her and pointed at her and said something to her, and then just started walking through the field going that way. Me and Robbie went down there and starting beating him up.”

Quinn said that McDaniel yelled at the Wendy’s manager to call police before the two jumped down the wall to help the woman. Quinn said the manager at Wendy’s told them to come back to the restaurant after they had gotten into the fight with Raines.

“(On the way back) we asked the lady if she was all right and she shook her head no,” Quinn said. “We came back up here and he just started walking off, and just a few short moments later the cops came up and went and helped her and went and found him. It wasn’t hard to find him. He was completely bloody but naked, drunk and walking around.”

Quinn said they returned to the parking lot and kept watch over the woman until the police and an ambulance arrived.

According to court documents, the victim told an officer that she had been “beaten and raped,” and she passed out. She was taken to Centerpoint Medical Center, where she later told police the name of the attacker and that they were both homeless. Police found Raines on the west side of the park and took him into custody.

Raines made his first court appearance Monday, an initial arraignment, in the Jackson County Court in Independence. His next court date has not yet been set.

Quinn said that some fellow employees told him that the victim was a regular customer at Wendy’s “who came to get a cup of coffee every day.”

“I’m surprised anything like that happened, period,” Quinn said. “I was just doing a regular day of working, taking my trash out, and I didn’t think anything like that would ever happen, I didn’t think I would ever have to see something like that, I didn’t think Robbie would ever have to see something like that. I sure wish nothing like that ever happened to that lady. I feel really bad that that had to happen to her. … It just didn’t make no sense. It just wasn’t right.”