In Missouri, we get less than four months of summer. This is unlike Arizona, where summertime can last most of the year.

I love summer. I like fall and spring. But I do not like the cold or winter.

Please, Mother Nature, give us an extended summer.

On Memorial Day, I noticed one store shifting their summer items into a shopping basket. At the same time, they were stocking their shelves with pumpkins and scarecrows.

I could feel the winter wind.

By mid June, school supplies were posted, with shopping lists for each individual school.

Add to it, this past Saturday, I went shopping for a few, post, July Fourth bargains. Oh my, the stockers were placing Christmas items on their shelves.

It is seven months until Christmas. I believe in shopping early, but this is ridiculous.

Can anyone tell me why the Hallmark Channel is showing Christmas shows?

I am getting worked up, because I love summer, swimming, beaches, no school, and capris.

Think about it. Summer brings wonderful holidays, Memorial Day, Flag Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day. There are drive-in movies and family reunions.

Summers make it easy to eat more fresh foods, like watermelon, fruits, and vegetables.

When the kids were growing up, I had less laundry because they wore shorts, short sleeved shirts, and no socks. Or they wore bathing suits all day and hung them on the clothes line for the next day.

It was simpler to entertain the kids with squirt guns and water balloons. We made our own slip and slide.

Lightning bugs performed backyard light shows. Better yet, the kids would catch the bugs and they’d light up their bedrooms. Mine fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

There are no heating bills. I use the attic fan as much as I can, rather than the AC.

Summer songs are happy and uplifting. Remember “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft, Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park,” “Summer Nights,” or one of my favorites, the Friends of Distinction’s “Grazing in the Grass”?

Wow, I think this dates me.

The coat racks are bare, an added blessing for storage. There is no ice on the driveway or on the roads.

Daylight lasts forever, with it not being dark until 9 p.m.

I love the warmth of the sun. And I almost know when it’s going to rain.

Last week, I heard a local weather report that it would be calm, with no rain. Meanwhile, my house was nearly blowing over from torrential rain, some hail, and 70 mph winds.

Rain is good and makes for green grass and more abundant roses.

Do you know that June and August are the most popular months for weddings?

Weddings, oh my, weddings. I might be having one shortly. Love is in the air. This would be number five.

I can’t breathe. I need to find a recliner.

Someone is tapping on my glass aquarium. I need to “Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place!”

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at  or visit .