Roland Sneed

Blue Springs

To the editor:

I rarely get mad, but the political cartoon in the July 1 Examiner got my blood boiling. It shows Speaker of the House John Boehner saying “Who does he (Obama) think he is? President?

It is one thing to show ignorance, but to promote it to the public as truth is another. I changed the wording on the cartoon to show more truth.

Whenever the president wants something done that he is not getting support for, he goes ahead and does it. This is not a president, it is a “want to be” dictator. He has done far too much that has exceeded his authority as president, and for The Examiner to promote it through the cartoon as truth far exceeds your responsibilities to the public.

Yes, I know, political cartoonists all the time draw cartoons that go against a portion of the public, but this being published during a time when the general public has no idea what goes on in Washington, or just doesn't care, causes great damage to our political system.