Don Russell


To the editor:

Obama’s presidency is decidedly the worst our country could have encountered under the leadership of anyone. Not only has he not resolved any of the problems he detailed in his campaign for the office, he had created far more problems than we could imagine! Corruption and lies have been the hallmark of his tenure thus far, and what can we expect going forward? More of the same, no doubt!

And he will attempt to blame Congress for his failures – failures that have generated disaster in the Middle East and throughout the world, prolonged agony for citizens of the United States in unemployment, rejection of the blessed Keystone pipeline, disaster in corruption of the IRS, a shameful lack of health service for our veterans, programs that invite illegal immigration from our southern border, etc., etc.

Any time he is introduced at president of the United States, I feel sick throughout my body. He brings such shame to the office. And what will Obama do when his terms of president end? His personal demeanor will not allow him to halt his carnage on America.