Natesha Oliver

Kansas City

To the editor:

The latest Gallup poll shows 42 percent of Americans consider themselves Independent. Yet in most states, Independents are either barred from voting or face restriction on their full voting rights. It seems participating in the electoral process has become a strain on the very duty that allows Americans to have a say in the way America is governed, and the American people are responding by staying home, or by becoming Independent.

Independents are getting organized here in Missouri and elsewhere as part of the Voting Rights are Primary campaign being nationally coordinated by Its aim is to bring attention to the election practices that continue to play into the political parties’ agendas and make Independents first-class taxpayers, but second-class voters.

Missouri Independents Standing Together, the Independent organization forming here in Kansas City, will be making itself visible on primary day, Aug. 5, in hopes of bringing more attention to the Independent movement in Missouri.

Standing up as an Independent, with other Independents, will not create another “political party.” We stand together in hopes of creating a non-partisan environment that allows the electoral process to give voice back to the American people.