Carl Antrim


To the editor:

Those who are well known in Washington, D.C., say there is one unbreakable rule – “insiders don’t criticize other insiders.” Not being an “insider,” but a U.S. voter, I will not “criticize” those elected officials in Washington.

I will not criticize our president because he is doing a very poor job, has no policies, etc. I will not criticize members of Congress because they also do nothing, worry about how they look to the public, etc.

Now America is comprised of three classes of people: those who live at the poverty level, few who are very rich, and Washington, D.C., elected multi-millionaires.

I will ask voters to study what candidates say and do before electing them. Remember, if they talk well they may be snake oil salesman. Do the voters want snake oil, or do they want elected officials who help citizens and help build a better America?