By Gisele Gamble

Special to The Examiner

Animals Best Friends has several new puppies that you just have to meet! These rescues are mixed breed shepherd and Great Pyrenees and are almost two months old.

These puppies will be big dogs, but they will make wonderful family pets. Great Pyrenees are known for being gentle, affectionate and patient. They are loyal and protective toward their family.

Shepherds are wonderful dogs! They are also protective of their family, self-assured, and very intelligent. Shepherds are willing to learn and need a sense of purpose.

Both the shepherd and Great Pyrenees breeds are working dogs and need exercise and something to do. These pups would love to play with kids and toys in a fenced yard and go for walks when they mature. These dogs are likely to be protective of children and will need to be socialized in order to keep them from being overprotective. We want to see these fuzzy little puppies get good homes and families that will love them and take good care of them for the rest of their lives.

If you are looking for a puppy to join your family and think one of these sweet babies might be a good fit, please go to our website at  and complete an application. ABF does home visits, two week trials, and always takes the animal back if something happens and the family can't keep the pet.