There is a mouse in the house. Well, not the house, the office.

Quite often, I have little visitors in the office who like M&M’s. We have an M&M machine which generously releases M&M’s into a little one’s hands.

If the little one drops the M&M’s, and doesn’t pick them up, then word gets out, there is food in the house.

I really don’t know if this is how it occurred, but I don’t like a mouse in the house. So I bought some sticky traps.

Even though they say that d-Con works best and the mouse will find its way outside, when it is dying (sure), because “it keeps mice from nesting in your home (sure)” . . . I’d rather use a sticky trap.

I’ve been told that mice are nocturnal, which means, they live and work nights. I do believe the tiny droppings by the office candy machine are a sign of Mr. Mouse.

No matter the signs, whether the visitor is gnawing on a cardboard box, or the family dog is going crazy, a mouse has to be dealt with.

It’s interesting that I wrote a column about a mouse, exactly two years ago. This must be the month for mice.

Actually, it is very hot outside. In all fairness, the office guest might be dropping in for a sip of water or cool place to relax.

I wouldn’t mind the visit, as long as he leaves quietly and doesn’t return until next July.

Besides that, this week is my oldest grandson’s birthday. Dallin will turn 10 years old.

I need to focus on Dallin’s birthday and not a mouse . . . which is keeping me up at night.

It’s unbelievable since I am just over 40 years old, that I have a 10-year-old grandson.

Dallin is tall and very handsome. He loves basketball and the Boston Celtics. He likes animals, especially dogs.

I don’t know if Dallin likes mice, which is the most pressing matter this week –to un-invite Mr. Mouse.

Can you imagine stopping at the office to locate some special needs services? Picture yourself, relaxing on the lobby sofa, reading from a book of inspiring quotes, and a rodent dashes across the room?

It is not welcoming to a newcomer when I scream, “There he is. Catch that little rat!”

I hate to contribute to his demise, but I have to do, what I have to do.

May I conclude?

I shouldn’t announce, I have a mouse, When I’m building, a business of trust. The office is lovely, a warm friendly place, Which shouldn’t have droppings or dust.

I’m hoping the traps are doing their work, And his teeny feet stick, safe and sound Then, we will be free from unwanted guests Escorting him gently to burial ground.

It’s time to change my focus today I love you Dallin, my first baby, so dear I long to be with you, I know you’ll be blessed, Wishing you a happy tenth birthday this year!

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at  or visit .