• To our parents

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  • In honor of Ray and Nancy Axton, whom God received April and August of 2013
    By Elaine Axton
    The way two people live their lives speak volumes.
    Thank you for...
    • Giving us the gift of a caring heart.
    • Allowing me to be me and supporting me; for being my champion.
    • Teaching me the importance of setting a budget and living within it; starting with little jars with labels.
    • Having a strong work ethic; for being independent and passing those values to us.
    • Teaching us how to solve problems and repair things.
    • Allows me to help when you worked on the house or car.
    • Helping us build confidence.
    • Caring for others; at times putting their needs above your own.
    • Setting a high moral compass.
    • Raising us in a Christian home free of cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs.
    • Doing the right thing.
    • Teaching us to eat whatever was put before us and not complain (still working on this).
    • Teaching us that listening was at times more important than talking (again a work in progress).
    • Teaching us that family comes above all else.
    • Teaching us God gave us animals to love and protect.
    • Teaching us that looking for the good in people was more of a blessing than we knew.
    • Lighting up a room with your smile; you had one for everyone.
    • Being a good hugger.
    • Not taking life too seriously; it’s just the name of the game.
    • Being good role models, not only for us but those whose lives you touched.
    • Being a man of convictions who was not materialist.
    • Not being hypercritical or judgmental.
    • Your loyalty not only to family, but to friends and neighbors.
    • Being dependable and wanting to be available to help.
    • Your ability and willingness to find joy and positive things regardless of events; “I can’t remember what we did, but we had a good time.”
    • Having the courage to break ties and be the best you could be; that was inspirational.
    • The security of knowing that you would always be there for us no matter what.
    • The sacrifices you made for us.
    • Telling us you loved us... out loud.
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