When choosing a pet many people are drawn to animals with lighter colored coats. Some call this Black Dog Syndrome and this holds true for cats as well.

Black coats are more prevalent in many breeds because of a dominate gene. People might be more likely to choose a white or tan coated animal at a shelter because it stands out in a sea of black coated animals. Those who are superstitious might even think that black dogs or cats could bring them bad luck.

Whatever the reason, animals are all equal just like people, and black dogs and cats are just as wonderful as the light coated dogs and cats.

Animals Best Friends has several wonderful black coated dogs and cats that need good homes. If you are looking for a new pet please consider one of these sweet kids.

Oliver is a handsome black and brown shepherd mix who is 1 year-old. He is a lovable boy who loves his walks and playtime with the other ABF kids. Oliver is kennel trained and housebroken. He would be a great addition to a family with teenagers or a single adult who needs a friend to walk with.

Gia is a sweet, terrier mix who is 10 years young. Gia came to ABF when she lost her Dad and the family couldn't keep her. She is loyal and devoted to her people. Gia loves to play and enjoys her toys, as well as romping in the yard with the other ABF kids. Gia doesn't do well with cats, but would be a great family dog or companion for some adults with an empty nest.

Sampson is a gorgeous, Australian shepherd mix who is 2 years old. He is very loving with humans and gets along well with other dogs. Sampson is kennel trained and should be easily house trained. He loves to play in the water! Sampson would make a wonderful family pet.

There are many more beautiful black animals looking for loving homes. Please go to our website at www.animalsbestfriends.org and click “Adoption” to see these dogs and cats. Please don't turn your back on a black animal when looking for a pet, give these black beauties a chance!

Animals Best Friends wish list includes: Purina One Puppy and Dog Chow, Purina Kitten and Cat and Chow, cow hooves or rawhides, canned dog and cat food, peanut butter, stuffed toys (no beads), HE laundry detergent, bleach, bleach spray cleaner, Fantastic spray cleaner, newspapers (without slick ads), paper towels, scoopable cat litter. There is a paper recycling bin in the parking lot at ABF Headquarters, 2302 S. Crysler Ave., Independence. Please, no cardboard or telephone books. We appreciate your support.