The supernatural is fascinating; those of us who do paranormal investigating seek answers and evidence. However, the rush is the experiences we have. When we are touched or feel a cold chill; when we hear a voice or catch the scent of cologne or of pipe smoke; or when our instruments sound off for no reason.

There are companies that have paranormal investigations, or as they're more commonly called, “ghost hunts.” We have attended one of these events and it was OK, but not what I would call a true paranormal experience.

I am a member of the local group Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations. We do investigations locally and take long distance road trips on occasion. Our investigations are free of charge and we are professional and discreet.

Recently, we partnered with the Jackson County Historical Society to hold paranormal investigations at the 1859 Jail, Marshal's Home, and Museum. The purpose of holding these events is to help raise money for the 1859 Jail and to help us buy new equipment. The 1859 Jail is in need of funds and several repairs. Budget cuts have taken funds from historic places. We love this historic landmark so much that we jumped at the chance to hold these events.

We wanted to do these investigations so people can experience the paranormal for themselves. Of course there is no guarantee that something will happen, but it usually does at the 1859 Jail.

When we started the investigations in May we did not know how well they would go. We book them weeks in advance; so far they are filling up fast. They are held once or twice each month depending on the schedule of our regular investigations. We are currently booking for the Aug.16 investigation.

During these investigations we have heard moans, seen shadows, and had our instruments speak to us in French. One EMF pump went flying off a window sill in a jail cell one night, surprising investigators. Our Kinect has picked up a stick figure of a spirit in the lower cell area more than once. We've even heard music from the 1930s era in the Museum after an investigation.

Interested or curious? Well, to find out about these investigations go onto Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations Facebook page at Like our page and click on the link under the photo from the 1859 Jail Once you've decided you want to go you may either click on the RSVP tab which takes you to PayPal or you may go back to our Facebook page and click on the ABOUT tab. On the right side under General Information there is a link to the PayPal site to pay for reservations.

Investigations last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. We will take breaks between sessions. Participants aged 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent or other adult. Food and drinks are permitted, but only in the courtyard, not in any of the buildings. Bottled water is provided to everyone. Smoking is permitted outside the front gate and we have a container for cigarette butts.

We encourage people to wear cool clothing as the Marshal's Home is not air-conditioned. However jackets may be needed once it cools off in the wee hours of the morning. There are steep stairs and ramps so we encourage participants to wear tennis shoes or shoes with rubber soles.

Participants may bring their own cameras, recorders, and equipment but we have EMF detectors that also may be used.

We ask that people be respectful of this historic place. We want everyone to have fun, learn about paranormal investigating and the rich history of our area. So if you're game and want to spend a fun Saturday night with us investigating the 1859 Jail, Marshal's Home, and Museum, go to our Facebook page and sign up.