This isn't the first time and more than likely it won't be the last. I'm putting myself back on the wagon as I've eaten my way through the last pile of "fat" clothes I have stashed in my closet.

Not wanting to buy new clothes isn't a good enough reason to lose weight but seeing pictures of myself without the cover up of winter clothes pretty much shocked me into submission. This time around I even tried to justify the weight gain to being a grandma and going through menopause but eventually the truth came out, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream isn't a good replacement for veggies and fruits.

I'm back to counting points for every piece of food put in my mouth, but I also decided to kick the weight loss misery up a notch and signed up for an exercise program that's guaranteed to motivate me into moving more. Too bad sitting on the riding lawnmower doesn't burn up the calories or I'd be thin as a rail.

Instead of buying the typical stash of comfort foods I purchased a flash drive from the much too friendly, skinny and chipper weight loss folks. I've been carrying it in my pocket so it can monitor my lifestyle and then a computer will come up with an exercise program that's going to challenge me into burning up lots of calories.

It's really pretty amazing what the techno nerds can come up with that we all buy into. I could have just as easily gotten up the gumption to walk the 10 acres and accomplish the same thing, but apparently I need a flash drive to encourage me. Sad, but true. I have one more day until it gives me my customized exercise plan. Then I continue to carry the flash drive with me and it lights up when I've reached my activity goal for the day. That's about as motivating as purchasing ocean front property in Arizona.

I'm not sure if love really is blind or he's just being nice, but my guy claims I look perfect just the way I am. He says he doesn't have a problem with my weight, although he is struggling with the concept of paying good money just to weigh in once a week while carrying a flash drive around in my pocket. "This is going to help you exercise," he asked while staring at the small device in the palm of my hand. It was a little difficult to muster up an energetic yes, since I'm thinking the same thing.

I've made a promise to myself to lose 20 pounds before my birthday this fall. It may or may not happen but by golly, me and my flash drive are going to give it a try.

I'm allowed to eat 26 points worth of food in a day. If my calculations are correct, one cup of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is 14 points. I can walk off four points in one hour. That comes out to three hours of walking for one cup of ice cream.

I might try chocolate covered carrots instead.

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