Martin Walsh

Glendale, Mo.

To the editor:

We have Amendment 5 on the Aug. 5 ballot to broaden gun rights. What is the problem? The current Constitution and laws have not hampered me with my gun ownership. There is a culture growing to expand, expand, expand gun rights beyond the Constitution. Many today somehow feel the need to carry AK-47s and the like over their shoulders while walking down the street.

Let’s go back a year, when the Social Security investigator came looking for citizens claiming they were mentally/emotionally unable to work, but had conceal/carry permits. (He was trying to protect taxpayers from fraud, or protect us from unbalanced people carrying guns.) Sounds like a great idea to me. What was the outcry in Missouri? “I don’t want the feds knowing I own guns.” Really, you carry a rifle in public and hope no one notices?

Please, let’s get reasonable before more people die needlessly.