Robert Weir


To the editor:

Response to mid-morning fatal accident July 25 at the intersection of Blue Ridge Boulevard and Sterling Avenue: City traffic experts, local frequent travelers and anyone else needs to give thought to making this intersection more safe!

We know that there are left turn lanes and signals, and we know that the light timing is a problem. This is obvious to those of us who attempt to cross Sterling and can barely get through the intersection before the light turns. I think there is a possibility that drivers take chances to get through to eliminate the interminable waits, especially when traveling east and west.

One help might be the placement of large blinking warning lights on the approaches to the intersection. Also, a significant lowering of the speed limit might prevent fatal accidents!

A sure way to slow drivers down is to place speed-checking devices with license reading cameras in the intersection coupled with violation ticketing. This worked for me when traveling on Sterling just north of U.S. 24 at the entrance to Sugar Creek.

Another thought from a completely different angle. We could learn from farm safety mandates. Several of my farm vehicles cannot be operated without seat belts being fastened in an occupied seat. This is a nuisance and source of frustration, but I can tell anecdotal stories of how it has helped me in an emergency.

We need to do diligence and hard thinking to come up with positive changes. I await any helpful suggestions!