Phillip J. Dearing


To the editor:

Voters need to get smart in the 29th Legislative District of Independence. Rep. Noel Torpey is a fine example of what bad politicians look like these days. When he first came to my door, I could not even get him to say what party he represented. So, just let me say he’s a Republican with a radical conservative agenda.

Let’s take a look at his voting record in the Missouri House: Do you want teachers to have guns? He voted yes. Do you want our citizens to be exempt from federal gun laws? He voted yes. Representative Torpey voted yes on Senate Bill 509 to override Governor Nixon’s veto of a bill to lower state income tax. The governor vetoed the bill because it meant more tax cuts for the wealthy, while stripping state government services even more.

The voters of the 29th District have to ask yourself a question about Representative Torpey. “Does this man represent my values?” For me the answer is no. Government services have been cut to the bone. No government dollars for the middle class and poor in our state? No, he does not represent my views.

It’s time for change. Republicans have got to go. For the first time in years, we have a chance to vote for a Democrat candidate worthy of our trust. He’s running against Noel Torpey in the 29th district. His name is Winston Apple. Let’s get out the vote for him.

Winston reflects common sense values like Harry Truman did back in the day. Read Mr. Apple’s platform at and see what you think. I have read it and find his idea’s refreshing and his honesty genuine. He and his wife have visited my home on several occasions, and he is the real deal.

If all politics are local, then let us rid our district of these right-wing, mean spirited folks who continue to lie, cheat and steal from us. We need to vote for change. Be smart and vote for Democrat Winston Apple.