WHO: Blue Springs City Council

WHEN: Aug. 4, 2014

MAIN POINT: The Blue Springs Charter Commission proposed to grant the mayor legislative power.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: The change in the charter, if approved by the Council and later adopted by a public vote, would allow the mayor to be the seventh vote on the City Council. Commission Chairman Bryan Pratt told the council it would give greater accountability to the mayoral office. Currently, the mayor is not considered a true executive under the current charter, he added, and most authority falls under the city administrator. Councilman Chris Lievsay questioned whether this proposed voting power for the mayor could allow him/her to veto as well. Pratt replied another proposed revision of the charter would not allow the mayor to participate in a veto session.

OTHER TOPICS OF NOTE: The council adopted a resolution for the 2014-15 Community Development Block Grant Annual Action Plan that will be submitted to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development by Aug. 15. Community Development Director Scott Allen told the council more than $228,000 will be allocated to different programs and services. Nearly half of the 2014-15 CDBG funds will go toward improving tennis courts at Baumgardner Park, $60,000 for the city's Minor Home Repair program, as well as 4 percent each for the downtown facade renovation and to the nonprofit organization Downtown Alive! Allen added that two services in Blue Springs, Community Services League and Hope House, will also be included for consideration of CDBG funding. He said Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Director Dennis Dovel reported that funds should be left over from the Baumgardner tennis court project and can go toward the two organizations.

– Brandon Dumsky