Sharon Hannah


To the editor:

The July 31 Examiner opinion page ran a Dave Granlund political cartoon. It was sobering. An Israeli tank had advanced on a tiny structure poised precariously on the edge of a cliff. The building bears the identifying label – Gaza. The tank’s gun is pressed against the door, but the voice cloud declares “We’ll allow civilians to evacuate.” From the dwelling, another voice cloud queries – “To where?”

As I let Granlund’s view sink in, I was reminded of statistics from U.S. foreign aid to Israel, a Congressional Research Service report to Congress dated April 2014:

• $3.1 billion - U.S. annual aid to Israel.

• $121 billion - U.S. aid since the founding of the Israeli state.

• Nearly 25 percent – U.S. portion of Israel’s defense budget in recent years. These are our tax dollars.

A friend recently shared a principle I admire: “Inaction and silence on our part enable actions we oppose and consequences we grieve.”

It’s time we taxpayers examined the nuances of this Middle East conflict with stark honesty and with compassion for all the human lives being shattered. We in the U.S. can do more to stop the violence!