Good morning readers! Company of Champions (a branch of Jackson County Family Week) is looking for some community assistance. This is a wonderful project, which will bless the lives of hundreds of individuals with disabilities and their families.

We are calling upon old or young, a student, employee, or retiree, a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, really anyone who is looking for a great service project.

An Eagle Scout candidate, retired military, or school teacher would be fantastic. A high school or middle school club would be awesome.

We are soon to provide a resource center for special needs' families.

These are fairly small projects, which will serve a very needy population. Let me explain.

We have four separate rooms that need to be repaired, painted, and readied in all manner, for individuals and their families with disabilities.

This is what we need completed.

Select one room out of four rooms. Sand and repair all walls and doors in the selected room, including the outside of the doors. Bring your own materials for sanding and repair.

In your selected room, prime with Kilz or primer all walls, including the room boards, and door (front and back of the door).

Paint walls with beige paint (provided). Paint door, door trims, wall trims and boards with white paint (provided).

Replace the flooring in your selected room.

Replace any ceiling tiles that are damaged in selected room.

We will supply all paint, primer, needed ceiling tiles and flooring materials.

You will supply the paint brushes, rollers, painting supplies, drop cloths, floor laying materials, sanding supplies, wall repair materials, and cleaner or vacuum to sweep and clean linoleum or carpet.

You will supply the labor.

Can this be any easier for a community service project?

Thank you, in advance, for assisting those in need and serving the many individuals who will benefit from the blessings of this facility.

Our Disability Resource Center of Jackson County will offer individuals with disabilities, and their families, a special site for resources and links to other families.

In addition, the families will have a warm and friendly place, a unique location specifically created for support, healing and connection to others.

Please assist us. The rooms are small, with the largest room measuring 8 feet by 8 feet.

If you cannot assist but would like to donate, please call us at 816-224-2000.

In addition, if you can pass this information along to others, we'd appreciate it.

Your service will impact hundreds of lives. I promise.

Thank you.

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at  or visit .