Fads come and go, and I'm excited to see some of them making a comeback.

The signs are encouraging that today's young people are embracing life as it was before technology glued cell phones to our ears and we let the Internet do all the thinking.

It's refreshing to see our adult children take interests in things other than just watching TV or surfing the net. I think this generation has realized where the previous generation may have gone wrong. Sitting on the couch for too many years will make you fat and spending more money than you have will make you broke. It's all just simple mathematics that somehow got lost among the excitement of being entertained by electronics.

Thank goodness this generation is also worried what we may have done to the environment. My oldest daughter is a committed recycler and not only talks the talk of being green, but also walks the walk since even her shoes are made from something recycled.

I'm always worried I'm going to push the wrong button on top of the toilet at their place, since one is to flush solids and one for liquids. Just to be on the safe side I always push it twice, which I'm sure defeats the purpose.

Getting back to our roots, gardening is increasing in popularity as is eating right, getting healthy and going organic. I love that gardening is becoming popular again, although I'm not doing it to be healthy or organic, I just like to play in the dirt. Eating what we grow has been good for my diet although the overload of veggies has caused me to cut a lot of cheese – and I'm not talking about cheddar.

I remember mom cutting coupons for hours and then having to wait at the register while everything was tallied up. I should have been a coupon cutter when the kids were little, but since I didn't do much cooking there wasn't a need to buy groceries. The concept of eating at home, together as a family, has made its way back to the dinner table, and that's a fad that should never have gone away.

My youngest daughter is coupon crazy. Between watching the ads and clipping coupons she is stockpiling like nobody's business. Her husband eventually had to build shelves in the garage to hold the large amount of deodorant and bar soap she bought at a fraction of their retail cost and now, whether he likes that brand or not, he may be set for life to smell good.

I certainly didn't teach my daughters how to budget, since we didn't have any money left over to budget with while they were growing up. Thank goodness they learned from my "mistakes" and followed their grandma's lead on spending wisely and using the dinner table for something other than a catch-all.

My parents did it right and even though at the time I thought I hated being at that dinner table every night at exactly 5 p.m. I realize now that's where I learned the most about life, and you can take that to the bank.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com