Susan Calvin

president, KCRC


To the editor:

On Aug. 16, a fly-in was held at the radio-controlled flying field at Lake Jacomo to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. This event was covered by The Examiner, and many of you came out to enjoy the flying and help support this worthy charity.

Because of The Examiner’s support and the generosity of you who attended, we were able to collect more than $1,600. By adding additional funds from KCRC, the sponsoring radio control club, the final contribution is $2,000. It should be noted that other local radio control clubs joined with us to make this event a great success. Specifically, the RC Sport Fliers, the 49th Mid-America Jumbo Squadron, and the Eagles Association Helicopter Club made significant contributions.

On behalf of all the participating clubs I express our thanks to this community, and The Examiner. It should be noted that before this event, KCRC contacted every radio and TV station in the Kansas City area. Each was given an information packet and asked to help promote this event. None responded with an offer to help. Only The Examiner came through and helped us. All of you should be proud of our hometown newspaper for being such a class act. Without their help, this event would never have gotten off the ground.

This event was held under the direction of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and member clubs all across America participated. All funds collected will be sent to the AMA and consolidated into one large donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. Every dollar donated will go to the project. There is no overhead.

Last year, the first year this annual event was held, $76,000 was collected for the Wounded Warriors. This year, the AMA is on track to substantially outdo that amount. Speaking as a veteran, I can tell you that our Wounded Warriors will appreciate your continued generosity.

Finally, all our fliers enjoyed visiting with the public. We believe that model aviation is a great hobby/sport for all ages. Please consider joining us in this friendly activity. There will be another opportunity to visit with us on Sept. 6 for KCRC’s annual Warbird Fly-In. We look forward to seeing you there.