Even though I'm at the age I should be dreaming about retirement, I'm not. I've been working since before I could drive, and to be quite honest, I love it. Happy Labor Day to me.

After a 30-year career working at the newspaper, I never imagined doing anything else. Apparently ink really does get in your blood. It's like the Eagles' song, "Hotel California," where you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Newspaper life is stressful, fast paced, deadline driven and very addicting. My girls spent so much time at the newspaper office, when I asked them if they wanted to participate in the annual take your kid to work day, they'd choose to go to school.

It's been said having trust in your mate is the only way a relationship can survive. My guy put me to the real test when he suggested I quit my career and come to work for him. So many variables had to be considered: could I do the job, would we be able to work together, would I miss newspaper life too much? I had just turned 50 so it was either try and ride out the career or jump into something totally foreign, because at this age, if the new gig didn't work out, another job would be difficult to land.

We discussed and debated for nearly six months and our answer was finally made for us when the daughter, who'd been working for him for many years, had the second grandchild. Her mind was made up to take a break when she discovered, the then toddler boy, hanging like Tarzan from the light fixture above the conference table.

Everything fell into place and when he said, "trust me, it will all work out," I believed him and thank goodness I did.

Even though I don't have people racing all around me trying to put out a daily newspaper, I do have two 90-pound dogs who share an office with me and they only ask for an occasional treat. It's been almost four years since I changed jobs and I'm certain he saved me from getting even more wrinkles, as this is as stress free as you can get. I loved my career but who knew I'd love this job even more. I was stuck in a rut and didn't even realize it.

My main concern throughout the transition was what impact it would have on our relationship, trying to balance being partners in life and having him be my boss at work. The mutual respect we had and still have for each other paved the way through this major life change. He respects the fact I trust him enough to jump into something I knew very little about and I respect him for trusting me enough to take over the reins on a company he built from the ground up.

Some work days I even get paid to play with the grandkids and I never have to call in sick. I'm one grateful employee who has the best boss a grandma could ever ask for.

He's the one who should be celebrated this Labor Day, because putting up with me, as an employee, can only be considered a labor of love.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com