You'll never guess which seven A-list celebrities were once school teachers.

Who knew some of our favorite celebrities were once teachers? Check out this list of A-listers who once handed out the grades... Sheryl Crow taught music at a Missouri elementary school before moving to L.A. to become a singer-songwriter. Before becoming the 36th president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson coached debate at Sam Houston High School in Texas. Legend has it that Johnson vomited in a rest room when his team failed to win the state championship by a hair-thin margin. KISS bass player Gene Simmons taught sixth grade in Harlem for less than a year. Sting was known as "Mr. Summer" to his students at a Catholic girls school in England, where he taught English, music and soccer. Stephen King taught English at a Maine public high school for two years before publishing Carrie, his first novel (about a prom gone gruesomely wrong). Andy Griffith, who became famous as the plainspoken small-town sheriff of The Andy Griffith Show, taught music at a North Carolina high school. Roberta Flack taught music and English in Farmville, N.C. before she sang Killing Me Softly. For more on teachers-turned-celebrities, click below to watch! This article originally appeared as on American Profile