• The Talker: ‘Hi, boss, I’ll be late this morning. There’s a giant octopus in the road.’

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    Rush-hour traffic in London was blocked this morning when a truck carrying a giant replica of a soccer-picking octopus broke down in a busy intersection. The huge sculpture was of Paul, the cephalopod who grew to fame by picking winners in the 2010 World Cup.
    Sadly, Paul died later that year, but the psychic sea creature made his presence felt one last time to English commuters.
    Trending on Twitter
    According to a study released by Nielsen, the most popular show on Twitter over the last nine months involves a former chemistry teacher who sometimes prefers to be called “Heisenberg.” On average, about six million people saw tweets about “Breaking Bad” during each episode and the three hours before and after. The most popular tweet target? Walter White’s colleague Jesse Pinkman (sometimes known as actor Aaron Paul), with 51,000 mentions.
    Hot Video: 50 Cent says he can explain
    Remember that truly awful first pitch 50 Cent tossed at a recent New York Mets game? The rapper went on TV and explained he just tried to throw too hard, and “it slipped.” It’s worth noting that Fitty was wearing a New York Yankees cap during the interview, likely at the request of the Mets.

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