• Video of the Day: Reporter takes a fall during segment

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    After several false starts to shooting her segment, was it asking too much to get the shot without eating dirt? Well, apparently it was. Good news, though, as she appears to shake it off quickly.

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    Dating Naked,” (9 p.m. EDT, VH!) - Forget the premise of a dating show jumping into the whole “naked participant” television fad, the funny part of this new series — and perhaps one that will quickly be run into the ground — is that it runs like an extended “Austin Powers” bit, with strategically placed objects obscuring any view of naughty bits. Plus they apparently have trouble with bug bites in uncomfortable places.
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    On a day filled with distressing and depressing news, word that German soccer player Mesut Ozil will show gratitude to World Cup host country Brazil by sponsoring needed surgeries for 23 Brazilian children is a welcome and heartwarming change.
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