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Mars. A desolate place. Bleak, lifeless and … say, what’s that in the background? Is that a bone? Did NASA just find a thigh bone on another planet?

Or is it just possible that extraterrestrial conspiracy theorists have too much time on their hands?

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“The Simpsons” (all day, FXX) - Just flip to FXX on your cable TV and there will be episodes of “The Simpsons” for you to enjoy. Lots and lots of episodes. The MARATHON (it deserves to be all caps) airing of all episodes of the long-running series has begun. And like a runaway monorail, once started it doesn’t stop … for a long time.

Best of the Day

By now you’ve probably seen the trailer for the upcoming “Saved by the Bell” unauthorized story, and realize it paints a less-than-happy portrait. Well, forget about that. Remember the gang as they were, and relive the glory of Screech, Slater and Zack performing “Barbara Ann.”

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