The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence. 

Blue Springs 

Buckets Bar & Grill, 1331 S.W. U.S. 40 – On Oct. 4, the prep cooler had an ambient air temperature of 51 degrees; all potentially hazardous foods were discarded, re-inspection required. Employee drinks did not have a lid nor a straw. Eggs were stored above tortillas and shredded cheese. A container of bleach was stored with clean dishes and other chemicals were stored with food. 

Blue Springs South High School Football Concession #1, 1200 S.E. Adams Dairy Pkwy. – On Oct. 7, a case of bleach was stored above single service items, corrected. 

Bob Evans, 1117 N. M-7 – On Oct. 11, the interior of all microwaves had an accumulation of dry food. 

China Kitchen, 1108 N.W. Woods Chapel Road – On Oct. 11, nasal spray was stored on the shelf above the prep cooler with single-service food containers. 

Sinclairs, 1402 N.W. M-7 – On Oct. 11, raw chicken was stored above raw fish, and raw ground beef was stored above whole muscle steak in the walk-in cooler; corrected. Food held in the coolers were older than 7 days; corrected. The microwave had an accumulation of dry food in the upper interior; the can opener had an accumulation of dry food debris on the blade; and there was broken glass inside the reach-in cooler in the bar; all violations were corrected. 

Culver's, 1301 S.W. M-7 – On Oct. 12, chicken and hamburger in the make-ready table had internal temperatures ranging from 45 to 61 degrees; discarded. The quat sanitizer was too weak; corrected. An employee was observed sitting on back prep table while eating their lunch; corrected through discussion. Multiple employees were observed changing gloves without washing hands in between, and also observed getting gloves dirty and continuing to use them without putting on new ones; corrected through discussion. The inside of the ice machine had a build up of dirt and debris; clean dishes had dried food debris stuck to them and the soda fountain and tea machine nozzles had a build up of dirt and debris. Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils by the grill were not being cleaned and sanitized during the right period of times; corrected. 

Lee's Summit 

Lee's Summit North High School Football Concession, 901 N.E. Douglas St. – On Oct. 8, there was no chlorine available to use for sanitizer; the bottle of bleach in the concession stand did not test properly for chlorine; corrected. Food workers did not wash hands before putting on gloves. 

Panda Cafe, 927 N.E. Woods Chapel Road – On Oct. 10, inspectors observed a bottle of motor oil stored with single service items on the shelves in the kitchen area; corrected. Eggs in the walk-in cooler were stored above ready-to-eat food; corrected. 

Tiff N Jays, 700 N.E. Woods Chapel Road – On Oct. 10, broken dishes were observed on the shelves drying area; owner threw dishes away. 

McDonald's, 125 SW. M-150 – On Oct. 11, chemicals were being stored with single service items, and eggs/raw chicken were observed stored above ready-to-eat foods in a reach-in cooler and the walk-in cooler; all violations were corrected. Cold food was being held above 41 degrees; re-inspection required. Foods being kept with time as a public control were not labeled with times and were kept unlabeled; re-inspection required. 

Summit Hickory Pit BBQ, 1012 S.E. Blue Pkwy. – On Oct. 12, a chemical bottle was found underneath the prep table in the kitchen area; corrected. 

– Jillayne Ritchie