The Blue Springs Art League held a Fine Arts Show at Vesper Hall on March 4 and 5. The show included more than 100 entries featuring opaque, photography, digital imagery, transparent (watercolor), mixed media, drawing, pastels, sculptures and more. The following is a list of the winners:

Best of Show

First: Sarah Brooks

Second: Florence Thoeni

Third: Carol Gray

Photography: Dennis Hedberg

Animal Wildlife

First: Lauren Engeman

Second: Trish Bellington

Third: John Ulett

Honorable Mention: Lauren Engeman


First: Diane Compton

Second: Diane Compton

Third: Jodi Harsch

Honorable Mention: Jodi Harsch

Honorable Mention: Gary Cadwallader


First: Teddy Jackson

Second: Ryan Delgado

Third: Michele Guyton Koch

Honorable Mention: Sherry McConnel Halfast

Honorable Mention: Mark Weddle


First: Carol Wilson

Second: Dawn Thomas

Third: Don Helverson

Honorable Mention: Michael S. Cherepak

3-D Sculpture

First: Michael Straughn

Second: Rick Zielinski

Third: Patricia Roney

Mixed Media

First: Gary Cadwallader

Second: Rebecca Limback

Third: Rebecca Limback

Honorable Mention: Norma Marshall


First: Sarah Brooks

Second: Bonnie Stair

Third: Bonnie Stair


First: Ryan Delgado

Second: Mark Weddle

Third: Michele Guyton Koch

Honorable Mention: Carlos Benson

Photography – Black/White

First: Ramon Magee

Second: Brian Compton

Third: Jana Stoebick

Photography – Color

First: Jana Stoebick

Second: Tom Beard

Third: Harry Magee

Honorable Mention: Ramon Magee

Honorable Mention: Linda Hanley

Photography Wildlife

First: Lorie Brownsberger

Second: Keith Davenport

Third: Keith Davenport

Honorable Mention: Wanda Davenport

Honorable Mention: Terri Morris