The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence. 

Blue Springs 

Legend of Asia, 1853 S.W. M-7 – On April 11, multiple WD-40 bottles were in contact with ready-to-eat foods and single service items, and raw chicken was stored above ready-to-eat foods in the prep coolers on the cooks line; both were corrected. 

The Parkway Senior Living, 550 N.E. Napoleon Drive – On April 12, the inside of the ice cream cooler had a build-up of food residue; corrected. 

Grain Valley 

Grain Valley Market, 201 S.W. Eagles Pkwy. – On April 12, chemicals were stored above apples on the 3 compartment sink; corrected. 

Lin's Kitchen, 111 S.W. Eagles Pkwy. – On April 12, an employee was observed eating food and drinking from a beverage and not washing hands afterwards; corrected through discussion. Clean utensils were found with dried food debris stuck to them; corrected. 


Minit Mart, 9805 E. M-350 – On March 8, inspectors noticed food that was stored undated; corrected. 

Stumbles Public House, 9315 E. M-350 – On March 9, inspectors observed unlabeled chemical bottles; corrected. 

Eclipse Bar & Grill, 6512 Raytown Road – On March 13, inspectors found undated food; corrected. Mouse droppings were observed in the water heater, kitchen and bar areas. 

ZEDZ 2, 10901 E M-350 – On March 15, sanitizer was not being used for dish washing or for wiping cloths; corrected. Raw chicken and eggs were being stored above drinks; corrected. 

Bickford House, 9110 E. 63rd St. – On March 17, inspectors found undated, potentially hazardous food in a reach-in cooler; corrected. 

New Discount Smokes & Convenience Store, 6255 Blue Ridge Blvd. – On March 17, soda nozzles had a build-up of food/debris; corrected. 

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 9330 E. M-350 – On March 21, dishes with food residue were stored on the clean dish rack; corrected. 

El Maguey, 6600 Raytown Road – On March 28, the can opener was dirty and the ice scoop was being stored on the (uncleaned) top of the ice machine; corrected. 

IHOP, 10000 E. M-350 – On April 3, food held in the walk-in cooler were above 41 degrees; re-inspection required. The soda and tea nozzles were dirty. 

Cosentino's Apple Market, 11501 E. 63rd St. – On April 3, raw turkey was stored above raw pork, and ground meats were stored above whole meats; both were corrected. 

Couzin's Fish & Chicken, 7534 Raytown Road – On April 4, the chlorine sanitizer in the buckets tested at 0ppm; corrected. 

Lee's Summit 

China King, 305 N.E. Todd George Pkwy. – On March 27, dried debris accumulation was found on the can opener blade. 

Mint Asian Cafe and Sushi, 1209 N.E. Rice Road – On March 27, an employee's medication was kept on a shelf next to food items, dried food debris was found on clean strainers, and rice in the walk-in cooler was not date marked. A container of Ortho Home Defense (pest control) was found in the dish washing area; discarded. 

Neighborhood Cafe, 104 S.E. 3rd St. – On March 27, the dish washing machine did not have a measurable amount of sanitizer when tested; corrected. The bread racks had an accumulation of dust/debris; re-inspection required. Big containers of sausage were marked to be used by 3/20/17 (reach-in and walk-in cooler); discarded, repeat violation, re-inspection required. The prep cooler on the cook's line had an ambient air temperature of 50 degrees; all potentially hazardous food was discarded, re-inspection required. The cook was observed handling ready-to-eat foods and clean dishes without changing gloves after handling raw eggs. Another cook was observed putting on gloves without washing his hands. 

New China 88, 541 S.E. Melody Lane – On March 28, an employee was observed rinsing his hands without using any form of soap, and brown build-up was found on the soda machine nozzles. The lid of a deep freezer was being used to prepared foods on, the lid has been covered with tape. 

Jose Pepper's, 1667 N.E. Douglas St. – On March 30, the ice buckets were stored inverted on a dirty surface; repeat violation. Soda nozzles had a build-up of dirt/debris, the ice machine near the bar had a build-up on the interior top and there was sticker residue on clean pans; re-inspection required. The ready make table was not holding cold foods at or below 41 degrees; re-inspection required. 

Jack in the Box, 951 N.E. Sam Walton Lane – On March 31, the microwave had a build-up of food residues inside; corrected. 

Knights of Columbus, 1800 S.W. M-150 – On March 31, dust accumulation was observed on the fan guard in the top of the reach-in cooler. 

Lee's Summit Pointe Health & Rehabilitation, 1501 S.W. 3rd St. – On April 3, there was dried food debris accumulated on the can opener blade and food residue on clean dishes. 

Steak N Shake, 304 S.E. M-291 – On March 31, knives had an accumulation of dried food debris. 

Ted's Cafe Escondido, 636 N.E. M-291 – On March 31, during the Food Handler Permit audit it was found that 3 non-compliant employees from the last routine audit continue to work without a valid food handler card; re-inspection required. The dish washer in the bar area did not have a measurable amount of chlorine sanitizer; re-inspection required. 

Pizza Street, 527 S.E. Melody Lane – On April 3, the can opener blade was dirty. 

Fazoli's, 498 S.E. M-291 – On April 3, sticker residue was found on multiple clean pans/dishes; repeat violation, re-inspection required. Chemicals were next to dishes or food items. Inspectors found refrigerated food past the used by date; discarded, repeat violation, re-inspection required. Food held in the walk-in cooler was not date marked; discarded. 

The Carlyle, 1098 N.E. Independence Ave. – On April 3, raw eggs were stored above pitchers of tomatoes juice in the reach-in cooler. 

Longhorn Steakhouse, 1696 N.W. Chipman Roads – On April 10, raw steak was stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler; corrected. 

Mali Thai Bistro, 579 S.E. Melody Lane – On April 10, prepared food held in the reach-in cooler was not date marked, the cook was observed handling food without washing hands after touching her hair, and the cook did not change gloves after handling raw eggs before grabbing a handful of cooked noodles. 

Mr. Sushi, 995 N.E. Rice Road – On April 10, the ice machine had a black build-up inside and the outside and inside the microwave had an accumulation of food residues. Inspectors found moldy food inside the reach-in and walk-in coolers; corrected. Raw eggs were stored on the same shelving unit as the cut carrots and onions. Inspectors noticed a cloth towel inside with cooked rice; rice was discarded. A half open mayonnaise tub left on the table was 71 degrees; discarded. 

Wal Mart, 1000 N.E. Sam Walton Lane – On April 10, several dented cans on the shelving unit were for sale; repeat violation, re-inspection required. 

Aikou Chinese Restaurant, 608 N.E. M-291 – On April 11, a pan of cooked chicken had been left out of refrigeration for too long; discarded. At time of inspection, there was an unauthorized individual handling food in the food prep area. When asked, person in charge stated this individual is her friend that helps out when needed, but does not have a valid food handling permit. 

– Jillayne Ritchie