The National Archives, in partnership with the Missouri Humanities Council, will host local authors Bruce Mathews and Steve Noll for a discussion and signing of their book Kansas City: Our Collective Memories, at 6:30 p.m. May 22. A free light reception will precede the program at 6 p.m.

Throughout our lives we collect things. Things we care about. These collections may start with a first doll, or baseball glove from our childhood. Whether the collection consists of books or friendships, they become our memories and our link to the past. As a community, our collections reveal what makes us proud of where we live and who we have lived with. A simple post card is a glimpse into the lives of those who came before. We see the streets they lived on, what their homes were like, how they dressed. What we collect, as a community, becomes a part of our collective legacy.

These treasured items help reveal “who we are and where we have come from.” This new book by Mathews and Noll takes us on a journey of memories formed by each of us, to be cherished by all of us. The vast majority of items in the book have come from you, your neighbors or members of your own family. Many are unique, one of a kind. Some of these treasures bring tears to our eyes and others make us laugh out loud. They are the fabric of our community.

To make reservations for this free program, call 816-268-8010 or email