The following animals are available for adoption at the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78. Call 621-7722 or visit . If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205. 


Pontiac, female Jack Russell mix, 10 years.

Dumbledore, male Labrador mix, 7 years.

Chico, male Chihuahua mix, 7 years.

Sugar, female Labrador/shar-pei, 5 years.

Leela, female Rottweiler mix, 3 years.

Colby Jack, male Labrador mix, 2 years.

Gadget, male beagle mix, 1 year.

Baby and Terrence, male Labrador mixes, 1 year.

Alphi, female Australian cattle dog mix, 10 months.

Bailey, female hound mix, 4 months.

Snoopy, female beagle mix, 2 months.

Carnie, Chynna, Wendy, female pit bull mixes, 2 months.



Monique, female medium-hair, 10 years.

Sweetart, female Snowshoe mix, 8 years.

Snowball, Valentino, Pockets, male short-hairs, 7 years.

Taz, male Siamese short-hair, 7 years.

Grayson, male short-hair, 5 years.

Precious, female medium-hair, 4 years.

Sweet Cinnamon Show Cat, female short-hair, 4 years.

Brian, male, Agatha, female, short-hairs, 3 years.

Ally Cat and Remy, female short-hairs, 2 years.

Shana, female medium-hair, 1 year.

Gibbs, male medium-hair, 11 months.

Almond, female, Cashew, male, short-hairs, 3 months.

There are 86 dogs and puppies, and 76 cats and kittens available for adoption.