KC102.1 awarded the largest cash prize in the history of Kansas City radio when Jamie Links of Independence won $102,000 in the station's “102k in May” contest. KCKC provided a display board with 40 sealed envelopes and inside contained a flier with multiple dollar amounts where Links had to match 5 fliers and would win that dollar amount, in this case $102,000.

Links was so shocked and excited, she could barely stop shaking long enough to call her husband to tell him the good news. “We’re going to put most of it towards our house,” Links said when being asked what she plans on doing with her winnings.

KC 102.1 held the “$102k in May” contest during May where listeners called in when prompted four times per day for 3 weeks. They won a daily prize plus were instant finalists to play for $102,000 at Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina in Independence. All finalists who were present participated in a reverse drawing until one name was left to play for $102,000.