The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence. 

Grain Valley 

Whiskey Tango, 401 E. South Outer Belt Road – On June 28, food in the walk-in cooler didn't have a use by date on it; corrected. A container of refried beans in the walk-in cooler had mold growing on it; discarded. 

El Maguey, 102 Buckner-Tarsney Road – On July 3, the make-ready table on the right side had an ambient temperature of 57 degrees; all potentially hazardous food was discarded, re-inspection required. Two tubs of cooked chicken were being kept on the floor, uncovered, and being cooled down with a house fan; corrected. The dish washer had improper sanitizer solution; corrected. 

Lee's Summit

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 1806 N.W. Chipman Road – On June 28, the cold salad reach in/make-table on the left side of the cooks line did not hold temperatures of food at 41 degrees or below; all potentially hazardous foods were discarded, re-inspection required. Inspectors found multiple fruit flies near the floor drain in the bar and throughout the establishment; re-inspection required. 


El Maguey, 6600 Raytown Road – On June 28, inspectors observed undated in the walk-in cooler; corrected. 

Minit Mart, 9805 E. M-350 – On June 30, chemicals were stored above food on shelves in the back room; corrected. 

Sugar Creek 

Kross Lounge, 605 N. Sterling Ave. – On June 29, the salad bar was not holding temperatures at 41 degrees or below; re-inspection required. The slicer had a build-up of food debris and the ice machine (inside, top) had a rust build-up; re-inspection required. 

– Jillayne Ritchie